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We used to be CCLISAR, the Canadian Centre for Legal Innovation in Sexual Assault Response.

Now we're Watershed Legal Projects. 

Still dedicated to transforming our legal systems' responses to sexualized violence.​

Welcome to Watershed.

“We sincerely appreciate CCLISAR’s expertise, professionalism, and collaborative approach in supporting the university’s efforts to regularly review and enhance processes for responding to sexual violence,” Queen's University Vice Provost & Dean Anne Tierney

University Receives Sexual Violence Policy Report, Queen's Gazette, March 7, 2023
Watershed seeks to advance understandings of legal responses to sexualized violence by engaging directly with the media.
We welcome coverage of our activities. 

“Most importantly, that means that in cases like this, the jury must look at factors such as whether she was intoxicated or impaired relative to an accused, who was not only a police officer but sober, and so used both his position of power and her vulnerability to perpetrate this offence.”

Dr. Elaine Craig, Director of Research

Newfoundland appeal court upholds guilty verdict for police officer in sex assault case, Lindsay Jones, Globe and Mail, April 23 2023

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