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We digest current research on law's response to sexual violence.

Administrative tribunals and equity: Military sexual assault survivors at the Veterans Review and Appeal Board

Maya Eichler

On the Internet, Nobody Knows You are a Dog: Contested Authorship of Digital Evidence in Cases of Gender-Based Violence

Suzie Dunn and Moira Aikenhead

A Former Crown's Vision for Empowering Survivors of Sexual Violence

Karen Bellehumeur

"Good People with Good Intentions": Deconstructing a Post-Secondary Institution's Sexual Violence Policy Construction

Irene Shankar and D. Scharie Tavcer

Addressing online sexual violence: An Opportunity for Partnerships between Law and Education

Shaheen Shariff and Karen Eltis

Risk Factors for Male-Perpetrated Sexual Violence at Higher Education Institutions

Bridget Steele and colleagues

The Mens Rea of Sexual Assault: How Jury Instructions Are Getting It Wrong

Kelly De Luca and Paul M. Alexander

The Corrosive Implications of R. v. Hutchinson for the Law of Consent

Lise Gotell

Achieving Fairness: A Guide to Campus Sexual Violence Complaints

Karen Busby and Joanna Birenbaum

How the Canadian Military’s Legal System Responds to Sexual Assault

Elaine Craig

Confronting the Sexual Assault of Teenage Girls:
The Mistake of Age Defence in Canadian Sexual Assault Law

Isabel Grant and Janine Benedet

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